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Looking for Handmade Soaps in Melbourne!

Handmade in a little town called Upwey in the Yarra Ranges, Bodiluv Handmade Spa Products are produced in small batches with attention to detail using old fashion “cold process” technique.

Our soap contains only natural ingredients, which are gentle on your skin, and rich in natural glycerine. We create different textures by adding flowers, seeds, spices, honey, coffee grounds, loofah and clays as a natural colourant.

We make our soaps with locally grown and processed olive oil and certified sustainable palm oil. All our handcrafted soaps are pure, naturally-scented and highly affordable. When buying in bulk, you can get our handmade soaps at wholesale prices.

Handcrafted Cold Process Soap in Melbourne

All the soaps made by Bodiluv are handmade. They are created by using natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, herbs, clay and more. These soaps are manufactured using cold process techniques. Here the soaps are made by combining essential oils which nourishes and hydrate the skin and sodium hydroxide lye. In this process sodium hydroxide is added to water and other ingredients to get a finish of handmade soap.  In this process, natural oils, fragrances and colours and other ingredients are used which are required to make a bar of handmade soap.

Natural Cold Process Soap in Melbourne

At Bodiluv, we believe that we should select the most exquisite when it comes to nourishing and maintaining healthy and gorgeous skin. We only use eco-friendly ingredients to produce soap, which works perfectly for all skin types. Even sensitive skinned people love our soaps. Each soap is handcrafted and contains striking fragrances that are created using pure essential oils. Each product and its skin-nourishing ingredients are carefully selected, keeping in mind their own unique benefits. These soaps are made using the cold process. Here to make soap, we use essential oils and sodium hydroxide lye. This chemical causes a chemical reaction known as saponification. Each ingredient is cleaned and processed before it is used to make soaps. Lye is then added to water, and when the solution is cooling down, it is added to a container filled with essential oils and fragrances. Care is taken to add lye to other ingredients carefully and in the right amount. All our soaps are a perfect blend of freshness, quality and eco-friendly products. We celebrate a philosophy of real fragrances and encourage you to use our fabulous products that smoothen, clean and moisturise your skin. We are against animal testing and ensure to use all possible measures not to use products, which harm animals. Your love and trust are what motivate us to move ahead and provide you with an amazing array of handcrafted soaps at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Soap Supplies in Melbourne

If you are looking for impeccable soap supplies in Melbourne, then Bodiluv is the perfect place for you. Enriched with specialty oils, flowers, herbs, and plant products, our soaps are a must-have. As our products are handcrafted and consist of pure oils, they are perfect nutrition for your skin. We refrain from using artificial fragrances, synthetic preservatives and harsh chemicals, which might damage your skin and cause irritation and rashes. Our handcrafted soaps are made with a cold process. What’s more, We also do not add foam and artificial colours to make our soaps attractive. All our products are sustainable, eco-friendly and sold at wholesale prices. Our range of handcrafted soap in Melbourne is crafted to make you feel relaxed and amazing. Our handcrafted products are vibrant and distinct. They evoke a desire and communicate a sense of freshness and wellness. The varieties of soaps we offer retain the natural ingredients for a long time and works wonders whenever you use them.


Soap has become a vital component of our lives. It cleanses our skin and helps to condition and moisturise it. There are two types of soaps available in the market. Manufactured soaps and handcrafted soaps.

Manufactured soaps are made in a factory. Manufactured soaps use fats derived from plants and animals, chemicals, colouring agents, preservatives and other essential elements used to make soap. Soaps are essential to cleanse your skin; thus, they should be chosen carefully.

Experts recommend using handcrafted soaps. These soaps are not made in a factory and contain more glycerin than manufactured soaps. Handmade soaps leave the goodness of essential oils on your skin. They help to restore the natural pH level of the skin. Thus hand made soaps are better than their manufactured counterparts.

The soaps we manufacture are made with natural ingredients and have a natural fragrance. No compromise is done while creating handmade soaps. These soaps are made with eco-friendly products that condition your skin. The Best Part? They are sold at wholesale prices.

When purchasing bathing soaps for personal use, it is vital to know if it is truly natural or not. Natural soap is made of essential oils, plant fats and lye. Even the colours used in a natural soap are obtained from nature. These soaps are made through the process of saponification. Here lye is mixed with oils, organic shea butter, herbs, flowers and other natural elements. The majority of natural soaps are made using the cold process method. These soaps look fresh and clean, and more aesthetically pleasing.

The natural soaps are great for the skin and contain an ingredient called glycerin. These soaps are gentle on the skin and clean the skin without causing any inflammation. These soaps are environmentally friendly, smell great and contain no chemicals.

If you are looking for wholesale soap in Melbourne, trust none other than Bodiluv Handmade Spa.

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